2022 PSA Election Results
President 2024-2025: Dwaine Plaza (Oregon State University)
Vice President 2024-2025: Manuel Barajas (Sacramento State University)
Secretary 2023-2025: Bob Kettlitz (Hastings College)
Council 2023-2025: Hyeyoung Woo (Portland State University); Harry J. Mersmann (San Joaquin Delta College); Kristy Y. Shih (CSU Long Beach)
Graduate Student Representative, 2023-2024 Karma Rose Zavita (UC Irvine)

Committee on Committees, 2023-2026: Anthony Villarreal (Monterey Peninsula College); Ethel Nicdao (CSU San Bernardino)

Publications Committee 2023-2026: Michelle Robertson (St. Edward’s University)

Nominations Committee 2023-2026: Miriam J. Abelson (Portland State University)

2021 PSA Election Results
President 2023-2024: Alicia D. Bonaparte (Pitzer College)
Vice President 2023-2024: Celeste Atkins (University of Arizona)
Treasurer Elect 2022-2023 and then Treasurer 2023-2025: Dan Morrison (Abilene Christian)
Council 2022-2024:  Jason Wollschleger (Whitworth University); Nella Van Dyke (UC Merced); Christie Batson (UNLV); Graduate Student Representative, 2022-2023 Mahindra Mohan Kumar (University of Oregon)

Committee on Committees, 2022-2025:  Sarah Whitley (Washington State University); Manuel Barajas (Sacramento State); A. James McKeever (Pierce College)

Publications Committee, 2022-2024: Miriam J. Abelson (Portland State); Ranita Ray (University of New Mexico)

Nominations Committee, 2022-2025: Sarita Gaytan (University of Utah)

2020 PSA Election Results
President 2022-2023: Person elected resigned, replaced by Council action with Shirley A. Jackson (Portland State University)
Vice President 2022-2023: Shirley A. Jackson (Portland State University), replaced by Council action with Ann Strahm (CSU Stanislaus)

Secretary 2021-2023: Amy J. Leisenring (San Jose State University)

Council 2021-2023:  Allison L. Hurst (Oregon State University); Elvia Ramirez (CSU Sacramento); Katy M. Pinto (CSU Dominguez Hills); Graduate Student Representative 2021-2022 Melissa Quesada (UC Merced)

Committee on Committees, 2021-2024:  Jennifer Puentes (Eastern Oregon University); Daniel Olmos (CSU Northridge); Lora Vess (University of Alaska Southeast)

Publications Committee, 2021-2023: Susan E. Mannon (University of the Pacific); Victoria Reyes (UC Riverside)

Nominations Committee, 2021-2024: Brianne Davila (Cal Poly Pomona)

2019 PSA Election Results
President 2021-2022: Wendy Ng (CSU East Bay)
Vice President 2021-2022: Sharon Elise (CSU San Marcos)

Council 2020-2022:  Ryanne Pilgeram (University of Idaho); Tonmar Johnson (Solano College); Alicia D. Bonaparte (Pitzer College); Graduate Student Representative 2020-2021 Evelyn Pruneda (UC Riverside)

Committee on Committees, 2020-2023:  Hyeyoung Woo (Portland State); Heidy Sarabia (CSU Sacramento); Kristy Shih (CSU Long Beach)

Publications Committee, 2020-2022: Veronica Terriquez (UC Santa Cruz, then UCLA); Shari Dworkin (UW Bothell)

Nominations Committee, 2020-2023: Kemi Balogun (University of Oregon)

2018 PSA Election Results
President 2020-2021: Sharon K. Davis (University of La Verne)
Vice President 2020-2021:  Gary Hytrek (CSU Long Beach)

Treasurer-Elect 2019-2020, then Treasurer 2020-2022 (extended to 2023): Christine E. Bose (SUNY Albany, University of Washington)
Secretary 2019-2021: Amy Leisenring (San Jose State University)

Council 2019-2021:  Kelley D. Strawn (Northern, Willamette University),
Ynez Wilson Hirst (Central, Saint Mary’s College), Ann Strahm (Southern, CSU Stanislaus), Graduate Student 2019-20: Michelle Alexander (Northern, University of Oregon)

Committee on Committees, 2019-2022:  Nicole Willms (Northern, Gonzaga University), Aya Kimura Ida (Central, CSU Sacramento), Richelle Swan (Southern, CSU San Marcos)

Publications Committee, 2019-2021: Ryan Light (Northern, University of Oregon), Chioun Lee (Southern, UC Riverside)

Nominations Committee, 2019-2022: Todd Migliaccio (Central, CSU Sacramento)

2017 PSA Election Results

President 2019-2020: Dennis Downey (CSU Channel Islands)
Vice President 2019-2020: Ellen Reese (UC Riverside)

Council 2018-2020: Lora Vess (Northern, University of Alaska), Susan Mannon (Central, University of the Pacific), Katja Guenther (Southern, UC Riverside), Uriel Serrano (Central, UC Santa Cruz, Graduate Student Representative)

Committee on Committees 2018-2020: Shirley Jackson (Northern, Portland State University), Christy Glass (Central, Utah State University), Katy Pinto (Southern, CSU Dominguez Hills)

Publications Committee 2018-2020: Carl Stempel (Central, CSU East Bay), Allison Hurst (Northern, Oregon State University)

Nominations Committee 2018-2020: Marcia Marx (Southern, CSU San Bernardino)

2016 PSA Election Results

President 2018-19: Elaine Bell Kaplan (University of Southern California)
Vice President 2018-19: Kathy Kuipers (University of Montana)

Council 2017-19:  Linda Henderson (Northern, St. Mary’s University Calgary), Marcia Hernandez (University of the Pacific, Central), Sharon Elise (CSU San Marcos, Southern), Amanda Admire (UC Riverside, Graduate Student Representative)

Committee on Committees 2017-19: Ann Travers (Northern, Simon Fraser University), Ann Strahm (CSU Stanislaus, Central), Tanya Nieri (UC Riverside, Southern)

Publications Committee 2017-19: Marta Elliot (University of Nevada, Reno), Janine Schipper (Northern Arizona University)

Nominations Committee, 2017-2019: Sine Anahita (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

2015 PSA Election Results

President 2017-18:  Amy Orr (Linfield College)
Vice President 2017-18: Wendy Ng (San Jose State University)

Council 2016-18: Vikas Gumbhir (Northern, Gonzaga University), Cynthia Siemsen (Central, CSU Chico), Judith Liu (Southern, University of San Diego), Council (Graduate Student) 2016-17:  Jeanine Cunningham (University of Oregon)

Committee on Committees 2016-2018: Kim Korinek (Central, University of Utah), Erich Steinman (Southern, Pitzer College)

Publications Committee 2016-18: Black Hawk Hancock (Northern, DePaul University), Robert Futrell (Southern, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Nominations Committee 2016-18:  Christy Glass (Central, Utah State University)

2014 PSA Election Results

President 2016-17:  Karen Pyke (UC Riverside)
Vice President 2016-17:   Michelle Camacho (U. of San Diego)

Council  2015-17:   Leontina Hormel (Northern, University of Idaho), Kathleen Kaiser (Central, CSU Chico), Augustine Kposowa (Southern, UC Riverside)  Council (Graduate Student) 2015-16:  Sarah Diefendorf (U. of Washington)

Committee on Committees 2015-18:  Michelle Inderbitzin (Northern, Oregon State), Ynez Wilson Hirst (Central, St. Mary’s College),  Marisol Clark-Ibañez (Southern, CSU San Marcos)

Publications Committee 2015-18:  Celia Winkler (Northern, U. of Montana), Ellen Berg (Central, CSU Sacramento)

Nominations Committee 2015-18:  Christie Batson (Southern, U. of Nevada, Las Vegas)

PSA Statement Reaffirming Democratic Ideals—Passed by Council April 9, 2017

As sociologists, we share a commitment to the common good.  Across the nation, many of us have been deeply affected by blatant and subtle expressions of prejudice and discrimination. As such, the PSA members offer the following reaffirmation of our academic values:

  • We reaffirm our democratic values and encourage vigorous discussion and debate in an atmosphere of mutual inquiry, critical dialogue, and respect for the dignity of all persons.
  • As a professional society, we reaffirm our commitment to cultivating diversity, inclusion, and tolerance in our work, and call for all members to stand against hatred in any form.
  • We reaffirm sociological teaching and praxis that model methods of civic engagement and respectful dialogue, and we support work that strives toward social justice.

We encourage our membership to continue building alliances towards these ends, and through our work we vow to uphold these values to sustain our hard-earned civil rights.

Read the resolution in support of the California Faculty Association in its struggle with the CSU administration, passed by the PSA Council in April 2016.

Resolution in Support of Academic Freedom. This resolution was adopted by vote of the membership in November 2006 The Pacific Sociological Association, cognizant of the attacks on both academic freedom and civil liberties, hereby reaffirms its commitment to the principles of academic freedom and civil liberties generally, and goes on record that we strongly support the AAUP (2005) position concerning academic freedom; Accordingly, our professional association shall vigorously resist any and all attacks on both academic freedom and civil liberties; Further, we pledge our commitment as a professional association, to stand in opposition to those who strive to limit such protections, whether as individuals or through their organizations, and to provide solidarity with faculty and students alike who may become the targets of such campaigns.

You can read a current update from AAUP here: 1940 Statement AAUP on Academic Freedom

The PSA also adopted a Manifesto on Academic Freedom in Spring 2008.  You can read the full text here: Manifesto Academic Freedom

In Spring 2004, the PSA Council unanimously endorsed a resolution against the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibiting same-sex marriage.  This was passed by a vote of the membership in May 2004. You can find the full text here: Resolution against proposed Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman