PSA Council

The PSA Council (Board of Directors) is composed of the Past-, Present, and Elect- Presidents and Vice Presidents, the Secretary and Treasurer (and Treasurer Elect in some years), as well as elected representatives of the northern, central, and southern regions of the PSA and a graduate student representative.

Council Members 2023-2024:
President Alicia Bonaparte, Past President Shirley Jackson, and President Elect Dwaine Plaza
Vice President Celeste Atkins, Past Vice President Ann Strahm, and Vice President Elect Manuel Barajas
Northern region representatives: Jason Wollschleger (to 2024) and Hyeyoung Woo (to 2025)
Central region representatives: Harry Mersmann (to 2025)
Southern region representatives: Christie Batson (to 2024) and Kristy Shih (to 2025)
Graduate student representative: Karma Rose Zavita
Secretary: Robert Kettlitz
Treasurer: Dan Morrison

Council Members 2022-2023: 
President Shirley A. Jackson, Past President Wendy Ng, and President Elect Alicia D. Bonaparte
Vice President Ann Strahm, Past Vice President Sharon Elise, and Vice President Elect Celeste Atkins
Northern region representatives: Allison L. Hurst (to 2023) and Jason Wollschleger (to 2024)
Central region representatives: Elvia Ramirez (to 2023) and Nella Van Dyke (to 2024)
Southern region representatives:  Katy M. Pinto (to 2023) and Christie Batson (to 2024)
Graduate student representative: Mahindra Mohan Kumar
Secretary: Amy Leisenring
Treasurer: Christine E. Bose and Treasurer Elect Dan Morrison

Council Members 2021-2022: 
President Wendy Ng, Past President Sharon K. Davis, and President Elect
Vice President Sharon Elise, Past Vice President Gary Hytrek, and Vice President Elect Shirley A. Jackson
Northern region representatives: Ryanne Pilgeram (to 2022) and Allison L. Hurst (to 2023)
Central region representatives: Tonmar Johnson (to 2022) and Elvia Ramirez (to 2023)
Southern region representatives: Alicia D. Bonaparte (to 2022) and Katy M. Pinto (to 2023)
Graduate student representative: Melissa Quesada
Secretary: Amy Leisenring
Treasurer: Christine E. Bose

Council Members 2020-2021:
President Sharon K. Davis, Past President Dennis Downey, and President Elect Wendy Ng
Vice President Gary Hytrek, Past Vice President Ellen Reese, and Vice President Elect Sharon Elise
Northern region representatives: Kelley Strawn (to 2021) and Ryanne Pilgeram (to 2022)
Central region representatives: Ynez Wilson Hirst (to 2021) and Tonmar Johnson (to 2022)
Southern region representatives: Ann Strahm (to 2021) and Alicia D. Bonaparte (to 2022)
Graduate student representative: Evelyn Pruneda
Secretary: Amy Leisenring
Treasurer: Christine E. Bose

Council Members 2019-20:
President Dennis Downey, Past President Elaine Bell Kaplan, and President Elect Sharon K. Davis
Vice President Ellen Reese, Past Vice President Kathy Kuipers, and Vice President Elect Gary Hytrek
Northern region representatives: Lora Vess (to 2020) and Kelley Strawn (to 2021)
Central region representatives: Susan Mannon (to 2020) and Ynez Wilson Hirst (to 2021)
Southern region representatives: Katja Guenther (to 2020) and Ann Strahm (to 2021)
Graduate student representative: Michelle Alexander
Secretary: Amy Leisenring
Treasurer: Patricia A. Gwartney    Treasurer Elect: Christine E. Bose

Council Members 2018-19:
President Elaine Bell Kaplan, Past President Amy Orr, and President Elect Dennis Downey
Vice President Kathy Kuipers, Past Vice President Wendy Ng, and Vice President Elect Ellen Reese
Northern region representatives: Linda Henderson (to 2019) and Lora Vess (to 2020)
Central region representatives: Marcia Hernandez (to 2019) and Susan Mannon (to 2020)
Southern region representatives: Sharon Elise (to 2019) and Katja Guenther (to 2020)
Graduate student representative: Uriel Serrano
Secretary: Tina Burdsall
Treasurer: Patricia A. Gwartney

Council Members 2017-18:
President Amy Orr, Past President Karen Pyke, and President Elect Elaine Bell Kaplan
Vice President Wendy Ng, Past Vice President Michelle Camacho, and Vice President Elect Kathy Kuipers
Northern region representatives: Vikas Gumbhir (to 2018) and Linda Henderson (to 2019)
Central region representatives:  Cynthia Siemsen (to 2018) and Marcia Hernandez (to 2019)
Southern region representatives: Judith Liu (to 2018) and Sharon Elise (to 2019)
Graduate student representative: Amanda Admire (2018)
Secretary: Tina Burdsall
Treasurer: Patricia A. Gwartney

Council Members 2016-17:
President Karen Pyke, Past President Robert Nash Parker, and President Elect Amy Orr
Vice President Michelle Camacho, Past Vice President Mary Virnoche, and Vice President Elect Wendy Ng
Northern region representatives:  Leontina Hormel (to 2017) and Vikas Gumbhir (to 2018)
Central region representatives: Kathleen Kaiser (to 2017) and Cynthia Siemsen (to 2018)
Southern region representatives: Augustine Kposowa (to 2017) and Judith Liu (to 2018)
Graduate student representative: Jeanine Cunningham (to 2017)
Secretary: Tina Burdsall
Treasurer: Dean Dorn

Council Members 2015-16:
President Robert Nash Parker, Past President Patricia A. Gwartney, and President Elect Karen Pyke
Vice President Mary Virnoche, Past Vice President Dennis Downey, and Vice President Elect Michelle Camacho
Northern region representatives: Amy Orr (to 2016) and Leontina Hormel (to 2017)
Central region representatives: Sylvanna Falcon (to 2016) and Kathleen Kaiser (to 2017)
Southern region representatives: Michelle Camacho (to 2016) and Augustine Kposowa (to 2017)
Graduate student representative: Sarah Diefendorf (to 2016)
Secretary: Amy Dennissen
Treasurer: Dean Dorn

Council Members 2014-15:
President Patricia A. Gwartney, Past President Amy Wharton, and President Elect Robert Nash Parker
Vice President Dennis Downey, Past Vice President Shari Dworkin, and Vice President Elect Mary Virnoche
Northern region representatives:  Jocelyn Hollander (to 2015) and Amy Orr (to 2016)
Central region representatives:  Amy Leisenring (to 2015) and Sylvana Falcon (to 2016)
Southern region representatives:  Ellen Reese (t0 2015) and Michelle Camacho (to 2016)
Graduate student representative:  Miriam Abelson (to 2015)
Secretary: Amy Dennissen
Treasurer: Dean Dorn