PSA Statement Reaffirming Democratic Ideals—Passed by Council April 9, 2017

As sociologists, we share a commitment to the common good.  Across the nation, many of us have been deeply affected by blatant and subtle expressions of prejudice and discrimination. As such, the PSA members offer the following reaffirmation of our academic values:

  • We reaffirm our democratic values and encourage vigorous discussion and debate in an atmosphere of mutual inquiry, critical dialogue, and respect for the dignity of all persons.
  • As a professional society, we reaffirm our commitment to cultivating diversity, inclusion, and tolerance in our work, and call for all members to stand against hatred in any form.
  • We reaffirm sociological teaching and praxis that model methods of civic engagement and respectful dialogue, and we support work that strives toward social justice.

We encourage our membership to continue building alliances towards these ends, and through our work we vow to uphold these values to sustain our hard-earned civil rights.