PSA Mission Statement Update, October 2020

Over the summer, members of the PSA Council (Board of Directors) collaborated to revise the PSA mission statement. The mission statement is important because it describes why PSA exists, and guides decision-making around what PSA does. The concern was to ensure that equity, diversity, inclusivity, and the promotion of social justice needed to be clearly stated as a core part of PSA’s mission. Here is the new PSA mission statement, adopted by Council on October 9, 2020:

The Pacific Sociological Association is committed to serving sociologists in our region–faculty, applied professionals, and students—by providing opportunities for networking and professional development designed to advance scholarly research, promote high-quality teaching and mentorship, and encourage applied sociology for the public good. We strive to create a professional community that reflects the diversity of our region and enhances the diversity of our discipline. We are committed to inclusivity and equity in our organization, to promoting social justice by examining and challenging the structural and institutional barriers in our discipline, and to building pathways for the next generation of sociologists.